Our Drivers

We gained our experience with our wonderful drivers which, at times, aren’t perfect but that’s fine because no one is! I’ve been inspired by our reviews to give you an insight into ’’our men’’.

Some may be little and eager
But they’ll do good job.
And some may be bigger,
And still do the job.
Don’t be afraid for their size
Because they’re strong guys!
Some are very energetic
And never stop
It’s almost genetic
How they work ‘till they drop.
They are polite
Even if they work all night
And they’ll never let you down
Or even make you frown.
You’ll also find they’re kind
Even if they’ve got lots on their mind!
Some will try to charm you
And perhaps disarm you
To write a nice review
About their crew.
They don’t get stuck in […]

We can get your business to Notting Hill Carnival

We can help businesses make an appearance at Notting Hill Carnival!
Summer of ’14 has proven to be a sunny and hot one so far, so why not enjoy it while it lasts?!

We hear Notting Hill Carnival is just around the corner and we want to help. How many of us have wished that they had that certain food or drink booth. Of course, businesses in Notting Hill are booming, but it’s time for others to make it there too.

If there’s anything better than a sunny day in London, then it has to be a sunny day at Notting Hill Carnival. You’ll be overwhelmed with the thousands of residents and tourists who come to this two-day celebration. The colours of the Carnival are what make it alive and vivant.

But whilst we all enjoy the dancers, and the beautiful colours, we understand that there’s always space for more. Businesses that is! The number of attendants grows […]

Things you should and shouldn’t do on your moving day.

1. You mustn’t curse at your furniture until the day of the move. These things feel you and they break down quicker than Katie Prices’ marriages.
2. Use plenty of deodorant on the day of the move. You’re not Robert Pattinson filming Twilight!
3. Don’t be completely honest when writing the labels for your boxes. We really don’t need to know you have Kim Kardashian’s film!
4. You should book a removal van especially if you drive a car like the Inbetweeners.
5. Hire at least two removal men unless you’re Madonna and your husband is super young and strong!
6. Leave some essentials out and a change of clothes for the day of the move. You’re not Prince Harry and you’re most probably not moving to Vegas!

Packing – DIY

Packing for your Move

Use post-its and clear sellotape to label your boxes and bags. Remember to write on the post-it before you sellotape it.
Buy some vacuum-bags for heavy and voluminous items such as winter fur coats or duvets. Make sure you have a hoover before you decide to do this, and also plug it in!
Use food containers and zip-lock bags to store small items such as jewellery.
Go to supermarkets or any type of shop and ask for cardboard boxes, you’d be surprised to see how many they dispose of on a daily basis.
Use old newspapers to wrap your glassware and/or plates and have some baby wipes on hand as the ink tends to go everywhere.
If you have any lighter chest of drawers, fold your clothes and place them in the drawers, then use blue tack to secure the drawers stay closed during the move. If you have some heavy oak wooden chest of […]

The ultimate moving list

Helpful tricks and tips, advice…Blah Blah Blah!

So many websites will tell you they have the latest, the greatest, the ‘’must-know’’ tips and tricks on moving. Truth is: when you have to move you’ll choose your own pace, your own timing for each thing. Instead of telling you how to roll the T-shirts to fit in a suitcase, or how to colour-code your boxes, I’m going to give you a checklist. The order, however, will be entirely up to you. Of course, you wouldn’t want to dismantle the furniture the day of the move and put the toothbrushes and the kettle away four weeks before… that’s down to common sense. I know there are many excited and not so excited movers that will perhaps be beginning their moving adventure with a timed list, down to weeks of preparation. I also know that it will start of great. Halfway through though… you might have forgotten to […]

How to move to London


The capital seems to scare and excite at the same time; and the idea of moving to London, is perhaps the easiest to make, and the easiest to regret. Sure, there are many great things about London, from martinis on a Monday night, to the availability of public transport and/or free museum entries.
London will captivate you, attract and spend all your money purely because, well… it’s London! Pros and Cons lists won’t even be necessary when making the decision to move to the capital. It will be a spur of the moment, a job opportunity or in a few cases, an ideal!

Where to start?

This depends on where your work is or family or interests but one thing’s for sure; rent prices are going through the roof right now. England is officially out the recession and the construction firms are taking advantage and building and building… so at the moment, it’s […]

Free Marks & Spencers Voucher

We’re offering Marks and Spencer vouchers to our customers! All you have to do is recommend our services to a friend or family member and for every successful booking made, we will give you a £10 voucher. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service but also rewarding our clients who give us a helping hand. With a fleet of over 30 vans we cover a great part of Southern England. We currently work with clients such as Dreams and Bensons for Beds, delivering their products to their customers but also offering an assembly service. We also offer storage solutions for your items. We’ve invested heavily in our secure warehouse storage to accommodate any item of any shape, size or disposition safely. So, whether it’s the largest or the smallest, a single item or many thousands, the most delicate or the most heavy, we guarantee that each and every item is loaded, unloaded and stored safely and in […]